Kaimuki Middle School Vision Statement:

“Kaimuki Middle School… a place with heart, that challenges and strengthens the mind, body and spirit.”

Music Department Statement:

“Like a bouquet of flowers, all of us together make up one `ohana (family).”

Theme Song:

“Sekai Ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana” – see video of 2015 performance

The meaning:

Literally translated, the title means “The One and Only Flower in This World.” This song compares people to flowers. Many times in life we feel as if we’re in competition with others. Everyone tries to be better than someone else. When one looks at flowers in a flower shop, they are all beautiful. Each flower is like no other, beautiful in its own right. In a bouquet of flowers, each flower has an important role in making the bouquet beautiful. Similarly, every student must strive to do his or her best, so that the bouquet of the music department is as beautiful and diverse as possible. Each person is a flower, an original flower, and the only one of its kind in this world.

In the KMS Music Program we believe:

  • All students have a place in the Music Department, as long as they desire to be in it.
  • All students can succeed in the classes offered in the Music Department.
  • Participating in music is fun and enjoyable, but does require work and effort.
  • The ideals of: Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency, and Relationships that result from Teamwork are essential in a successful musical and educational environment.
  • Success in a music class will eventually, if not immediately, translate to success in other classes.
  • The KMS Music Department functions as an `Ohana or Family.