Thank you for a Great Aloha Concert

Good morning!

Thank you all for attending the Aloha Concerts on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  We hope you enjoyed the event; the turnout for both nights were quite high.  Thanks to your generosity the KMS Music Department raised over $1,500 over both nights to help subsidize the cost of equipment purchases, repairs, and also transportation costs for both students and instruments. Thank you!

We’d also like to thank the teachers, backstage volunteers (former KMS music students), Aunty Nell (KMS Security), Kaimuki High and their students and staff, and also the great parent volunteers that worked the cafeteria!

We didn’t have a chance to take any pictures last night so if you are willing to share your pictures with us, we’d be quite grateful.  We can then in turn share with other parents through a post. The link is below:

If you are interested in joining the Boosters next year, please let us know.  We meet once a month and assist the teachers with requests and assistance that they may need for events such as these.  Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome via our Contact Us page.

KMS Music Boosters

Aloha Concert 2018 – Wed. 5/9/2018 and Thu. 5/10/2018

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow night (5/9/2018) will be Aloha Concert #1 and will feature:

Beginning Ukulele
Intermediate Ukulele
Beginning Strings
Advanced Strings
Concert Orchestra

On Thursday night (5/10/2018), it will be Aloha Concert #2 and will feature:

Beginning Band
Kaimuki Concert Band
Kaimuki Symphonic Winds

On both nights, the concerts starts at 6:00PM (doors open at 5:45PM) and is held at the Kaimuki High School Auditorium.

Programs will be distributed on both nights, but if you’d like an electronic copy, you can download it below. The download password will be on display both nights at the front table upon entrance to the auditorium. Or you can Contact Us and let us know the name of your child and what instrument they play and we will email you the password.

Aloha Concert #1 Program

Aloha Concert #2 Program

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for your support of the KMS Music Program!